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Here is the place where you could learn all the details you may wonder about the products from Pimapen.

What is the warranty period?

Warranty from Pimapen applies only to the products from Pimapen purchased from a Pimapen authorized point of sales. All the materials are under the scope of a 2-year warranty for problems other than those caused by a user error.

What is the price difference between a single opening window and a double opening window?

The price varies depending on the casement sizes and the locking points and, there is about a price difference of TL 100 to TL 120 for a double opening window.

What is the price difference between white and colored window from Pimapen?

The price difference between a white and colored window from Pimapen is about 10% to 20% depending on the profile rate in total.

Is it possible to choose a different color for interior and exterior surfaces?

You are free to choose a color in harmony with the structure of the building without harming the look of the building for the exterior surface of the window and, in harmony with the architecture of your home for the interior surface of the window.

Is there a product for the window handle safety in my kid’s room?

It is important for the safety to choose a tempered or laminated glazing with the product you may choose out of the product range from Pimapen. You are recommended to prefer a double opening system called open-safe for the kid’s rooms to enhance safety.

Is there a product without a sill?

The product group called Infinity Lifting & Sliding is a system that could be used for a measurement class of 20 mm without a sill.

What is Plastics?

These are the materials with high technical characteristics manufactured as inspired from the nature. A plastic material reinforced fibers may have a structure as strong as steel and, lighter than steel by five times at the same time. The usage area includes aircrafts, racing boots, skis, golfing, tennis rackets and even automobiles.

What is PVC?

Polyvinylchloride known as PVC is a thermoplastic product manufactured from salt and petroleum. PVC used in the form of powder is one of the plastic types that are durable and commonly used.

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