Pimapen proceeds on its way consistently with the branding activities it has started to engage in from the very beginning of its establishment, the innovations it has brought to the sector, the firsts it has achieved and, the aim of constantly growing in Turkey and internationally.


Established by Pimaş in 1982, Pimapen has achieved to significantly grow within a short period of time thanks to its successful and systematic efforts. Integrated with the developing world, Pimapen is one of the leading companies in the PVC Profile Sector where it successfully operates.


A generic name for windows, Pimapen operates in the field of door and window systems with a customer oriented approach offering the following series: Nirvana, which delivers a superior performance in terms of energy efficiency with a maximum degree of insulation by means of reducing the window transmission value to the level of (Uw) 0,78 W/m²K and offering the 6-cubiclee main profiles of 80 mm in width, the triple gasket mechanisms and suitable glazing combinations; Carisma, which delivers a superior resistance against wind load at high rise buildings; Dynamic Sliding, which offers ease of use as a prominent feature; Infinity/Heibesiebe, which offers an uninterrupted view and scene and; Albatros Sliding Systems, which have a modern line, as well as Pimastor Blinds and Pimablock Shutter Systems.


Our products are manufactured considering the occupational health and safety requirements and, making use of the cutting-edge technology methods at the Manufacturing and Logistics Center in Kartepe. Thanks to these R&D efforts, we design qualified products with a superior level of sound and heat insulation. We contribute to the energy efficiency of our country. Based on the model “Business Excellence” at every business process from the manufacturing to the delivery of the products to the end-users, we continue our efforts for a sustainable future.


Pimapen manufactures at the world standards at the facilities located in Kartepe equipped with the extrusion and laminate coating lines meeting the technological infrastructure conditions, where the profiles are manufactured and stocked under ideal conditions. Pimapen manufactures all the product groups in line with the EN, RAL and TSE quality standards. Based on a sustainable business model, it manages the product, sales and after-sales service processes with an approach at the world’s standards.