35% of the heat loss in buildings is caused by windows. In order to prevent these losses, the heat transmission value on the windows should be lower than (Uw) 1,80 W/m²K. The Nirvana Series from Pimapen delivers a maximum performance to the users by means of reducing the window transmission value to the level of (Uw) 0,78 W/m²K and offering the 6-cubiclee main profiles of 80 mm in width, the triple gasket mechanisms and suitable glazing combinations. This makes it possible to use the energy in an efficient manner and, protect your budget by means of decreasing your costs for heating and cooling.
The Nirvana Series from Pimapen, the superior window of the energy efficiency, delivers a great resistance to the wind load at high rise buildings with a special design façade central profile and, thus is preferred for all the projects. Perfectly fits your home decoration by means of offering a visual integrity at the joinery and wall joints with the self-sill frame profiles.

Better Heat Insulation


-80mm in width
-6 Cubicles
-3 gaskets (internal-medium-external)

-Triple Glazing of 52 mm
-Solar Low E Coated
-20 mm of Gap
-Argon Gas Filling
-(3+0,76 Aucustic PVB+3) mm Laminated

Window Transmission Value (Uw)
- 0,79 W/m2K*

Better Sound Insulation


Sound Insulation (Noise Reduction Index)
- 44dB

Better Safety and Security


Window Performance Values

-Secure Glazing
-Secure Equipment
-Secustik Handle
-Resistance to Wind Load: C3/B4
-Watertightness: E1350
-Air Permeability : Class 4
-Operating Forces: Class 1
-Safety Equipment: Suitable

* As calculated in software for a window of 1230x1480 with 52 mm triple Low E coatings. Compared to the triple glazing PVC window.