Project Designing Flow

Collective housing, sports facilities, chain stores, public institutions, hospitals and schools are considered as high volume works.

Pimapen High Volume Works Department offers all the services in connection with the products from Pimapen for your collective works and projects at the construction and restoration sector.

High Volume Works Department engages in:

  • One-to-one discussions,
  • Technical consultancy,
  • Coordination between the authorized manufacturer dealers and the projects,
  • Provision of technical documents.

The experts from Pimapen High Volume Works Department are in direct touch with the respective architecture offices. Establishes the communication between the authorized dealer and the project officers for the requested works. Acts as a product and solution consultant through its experts for the project officers.

Please feel free to get consultancy for High Volume Works by means of filling in the following form or leaving your details to the consultancy line at 444 4 736.