Window and Door Equipment Systems Window and Door Equipment Systems
Window and Door Equipment Systems

Bring aesthetics and quality to your life with the Pimapen equipment systems that make your life easier thanks to the functional details, unique designs and the possibility to get adapted to any type of window.

One of the most important component of a window is the equipment products. The window and door equipment product group offered under the quality guarantee and service conditions of Pimapen is now available at our points of sales.

Meeting the conditions from TSE and EN, the window and door equipment product group is in harmony with any type of project you may carry out.

Makes your life easier with the different opening mechanisms without compromising on the window and door performance for many years.

Offers different color options for the door and window handle group and, ideal solutions for your architectural and decorative expectations.


Secure Double Opening with Pimapen



The Open-Safe Double Opening is the name of the system, in which the handle’s position first movement is for a transom opening as a safe opening and the second movement for a horizontal opening.

The casement first gets to the transom position as a safe opening for the windows intended to be used by elders and kids, which is the most efficient aspect of the Open-Safe Double Opening System.

Window and Door Equipment Systems

Single Opening Systems

  • Window and Locked Door

Double Opening Systems

  • Locking from Below
  • Locking from Side
  • 4 Degree Safety
  • Open-Safe (Secure Double Opening)

Double Casement Systems

  • Locking from Side with Hidden Handle
  • Locking from Blow with Hidden Handle
  • Locking from Side with Sliding System

Parallel Sliding Systems

  • Semi-Automatic

Yeni Infinity - Hebeschiebe 
Dynamic Sliding System
Door and Window Handle Group
Locking Door Group

Window and Door Equipment Systems
Window and Door Equipment Systems

Features of the Window and Door Equipment from Pimapen

There is a PIMAPEN logo on all the espagnolettes and strike plates.

  • The espagnolette plates are of “Titan” color coated special for Pimapen.
  • There is no right/left different for the products.
  • There are different options for door espagnolettes for the harmony with the current products: without barrel, with bits, without bits, and with claws.
  • This Open-Safe Double Opening mechanism is intended to deliver a secure way to use your windows.
  • The hinges of the double opening casement are capable of carrying a standard casement of 100 kg in weight. Possible to install hinges capable of carrying a casement of 130 kg in weight, if necessary.
  • The hinge covers are made available in various colors: white, brown, deep brown, silver, titan, bronze and champagne.
  • The equipment from PIMAPEN makes it possible to install SECURE double opening systems from 4 points.
  • There is a hidden lever arm on the double casement espagnolettes.
  • The equipment from the Parallel Sliding 130 System makes it possible to install casements operable with a semi-automatic remote controller.
  • There is an equipment group inside the New Infinity (Hebeschiebe) System capable of carrying a casement of 300 kg in weight.

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